David’s practice centres around four interconnected conceptual, virtual and physical territories within an expanded sculptural framework:

– 1. Thinking Through Making

The role of improvised and imaginative play in the act of making sculpture within a wider social and environmental context – embodied in a fluid process of continual becoming, a ‘cause and effect’ of performative actions through ‘live(d)’ events. Testing hybrid modes of production and presentation between artists, artworks and audiences or ‘social sculptures’

– 2. Psycho-Geography / Trans-Ecology / Deep-Topology

Observing, collecting, re-working, subverting and transforming everyday phenomena (objects, materials and images) – found on encounters through walking – into new temporal and sculptural scenarios that suggest elusive, emotional and psychological narratives against a backdrop of a consumer ‘waste’ society in the age of the so-called Anthropocene.

– 3. New Materialism

Queering the notion of what constitutes a sculptural event through hand-made human/nature/techno trans-interaction. Working across new physical spaces, media space or the space between bodies and events for production and presentation and how they are affected by new spatial conditions – a diverse cultural-historical archeology of fluid and fragmented future artifacts.

– 4. Living Archives and Relational Aesthetics

Art projects are conceived and generated as collaborative ‘community engaged’ activities inclusive of all aspects; from the curatorial vision to the inter-personal relationships formed, the artworks produced and the documentation of the process. All living things are considered to be connected and interrelated – a mesh of interactions.