David Kefford

Seyi Adelekun, Maria Arceo, Camilla Brendon, Hilary Jack, David Kefford, Steve McPherson, Jill Townsley and Daniel Webb

We encounter plastic in our everyday actions; we buy it, use it, throw it away when we are done, we touch it as we type on our phones, travel in our cars, open pre-packaged food. Plastic is synonymous with modern life and an increasingly contentious issue.

Plastic is essential to important industries and key to convenience. Yet plastic consumption and pollution, particularly in our oceans, is an increasingly critical subject matter.

Rather than concentrating on the dichotomies of this disparate, unresolved and complex issue, the exhibition gathers a mix of tales of plastic –
as inspiration, material, resource and waste.

Artists in Plastic Matter explore different aspects to plastic’s story; its potential to become something more treasured, its availability and its hasty disposal. Through their work, the artists imbue new worth and meaning to the material, and ask us to consider its role and future in contemporary society.

Opening Reception: Tuesday 25 Feb, 16:00 – 18:00 All Welcome