ARCHIVE_2008 » Individuals | Kaavous-Bhoyroo Autumn Edition | 2008

David Kefford

Cardboard tube, nylon scouring pad, stainless steel scouring pad, tape, varnish, glitter, PVA glue and wax.
Dimensions variable: 8 x 8 x 11-19cm

David Kefford has explored the scope for uniqueness and variety within the repetitive methods of production that are the nature of an edition.
A cardboard inner tube from a used roll of tape is mount and structural frame for an assemblage of materials. Tape binds a stainless steel scouring pad allowing some of the coiled scouring material to protrude from one end. This is inserted into a coloured disc of nylon scouring pad that is fixed within one end of the cardboard tube base.

The use of hands-on low-tech processes such as cutting, sticking and wrapping transforms the items. Different coloured tapes and scouring pads are used and the girth and length of protrusion of the bound steel scourers differ, giving a different appearance and character to each of the individual works. The surfaces of the sculpture are also affected with tape, varnish, wax, glue and glitter bestowing suggestions of age, life, history and character to each sculpture.

The domestic scale, materials and intentions of the sculptural edition give them a familiarity and playfulness. When placed within the home their organic nature suggests they could have grown from the composite materials rather than being designed and constructed.

The work has been specifically created for wall-mounted display at crotch height. This placement combines with the form of the object to suggest a representation of male genitalia. However, due to their colourful and shiny surfaces they appear to take on a more quirky and absurd character, portraying them as ‘inoffensive’. There is a fine balance between humour and disgust and a conflict between attraction and repulsion that explores ideas of beauty and appeal.

Price £50
Free delivery within Norwich or Cambridge
£10 postage and packing elsewhere in the United Kingdom

To order please send a cheque payable to “Kaavous-Bhoyroo” with delivery address to:
Jane Bhoyroo
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