ARCHIVE_2008 » Wysing Re-Launch Exhibition | 2008

Installating Fragile

Installating Fragile

Clothes Hangers and Cable ties
Dimensions Variable

For the Re-Launch exhibition, curated by Sebastain Ramirez, at Wysing Arts Centre, David created a temporary site-related sculpture using donated clothes hangers from people associated with Wysing.

Prior to the installation process David sent out a call for all types of clothes hangers to be deposited in a cardboard box outside his studio. Gradually, various “unusual and surprising” hangers started accumulating on mass each day. Until finally there were enough to begin the ambitious ceiling to floor hang.

Soon a tumbling vortex of lines, shapes and colours began to occupy the space. Some of them became entwined with each other in close knit groups, whilst others seemed more separate and isolated.

In making this work David’s aim is to highlight the often fragile relationships that occur on a daily basis between individuals in social situations.