ARCHIVE_2008 » One Thing Against Another | Aspex | UK | 2008

Entice (film still)

Entice (film still)


Entice from David Kefford on Vimeo.

An off-site and gallery exhibition including new work by Sam Basu, James Ireland, David Kefford,Eduardo Padilha and Alice Walton.

One Thing Against Another invites five artists to make sculptural works for a number of public buildings local to aspex, and in the gallery itself: the Norrish Central Library, Victoria Park
Aviary, the Natural History Museum butterfly house, and Kings Theatre, Southsea.

The artists negotiate these very particular
contexts with an inquisitive and generous spirit, as well as presenting work in the gallery.

The artists share an infectious enthusiasm for minimal means and provisional arrangements. They tend to create works
whose method of realisation is explicitly self-evident, suggesting a process of playful invention and experimentation. Much of the work will be made on site.

- Extract from the Press Release 2008