ARCHIVE_2010 » Generation | Lost & Found | 2010

David Kefford


There is a constant ebb and flow of objects, people and ideas through our lives – we are forever losing and finding things, remembering and forgetting them. Historically the visual arts have been much concerned with the lost and found – we build monuments to commemorate, preserve people and places in paintings and sculptures and make images to capture significant events and moments. Yet ironically, our attempts to preserve or hold on to things in material form can actually hasten their forgetting. As the philosopher Michel de Certeau observes, objects can easily ‘become the enemy of memory, they are what tie it down and lead to forgetfulness’. In our attempts to capture an idea in a work of art, we abandon the struggle to hold it in mind and as a consequence loose something of its nagging poignancy and vitality.
It is amidst these restless comings and goings that seven artists from the Eastern Region have created their work – a diverse exhibition which invites you to explore images and objects that evoke this shifting world of the lost and found.

Nick Sampson and Liz Falconbridge – Curators