ARCHIVE_2012 » REPAIR | 2012

David Kefford


REPAIR: by David Kefford and CJ Mahony, two of the artist founders of Aid & Abet, to mark the first anniversary of the space. The exhibition featured new sculptures and an immersive installation made during the winter months of 2011-12. This is the first time that the two artists have shown their work together and provided an opportunity for playful experimentation and conversations between the work.

The raw walls and well-worn floor of the former railway warehouse offered an atmospheric backdrop to the work. Common threads within each others practice were interwoven throughout the space and as the name repair suggests the artworks were precariously on the brink of coming together and falling apart..

Mahony’s sculptural works explore the traditions of form through modification and manipulation of building materials. The work is often responsive to a given site, large-scale, and is always temporary.

Kefford transforms unwanted ‘functional’ objects through hands-on interference and low-tech processes to produce sculptures that have an uncanny presence.