ARCHIVE_2012 » New Foragers | 2012

David Kefford


New Foragers

04 October – 30 January 2013

Jessica Coleman, Judith Cowen, Mandy Hudson, David Kefford, Peter Lamb, Fiona MacDonald, Danny Ralph, Richard Stone, Jennifer Taylor and Laura White

Finding, collecting, selecting, editing, eradicating, revealing, transforming

Artists are infinitely resourceful, finding materials and ideas from wide ranging sources to produce individual and unique works. The artists in this exhibition share a process of using ‘found’, or everyday objects, creating a visceral response to their surroundings and the world we live in. This foraging and transformation of a found object can been seen as a kind of alchemical moment: when something seemingly redundant or unremarkable takes on a new identity.

Looking both to the history of art and to current and future concerns, the artists in this show exemplify how diverse the resulting artworks can be. The works are derived both from familiar detritus and subtle allusions to our art historical past creating a palpable tension.

Curated by Day+Gluckman